Wetsuit Accessories

Consider Mitts, Gloves, and Hoods to maximize comfort and protection. Hoods, Beanies and Shorts come in neoprene and fleece constructions to minimize bulk and provide comfort and warmth. Cold water mitts designs have thin palms to reduce grip fatigue. Full and half finger gloves aid grip and minimize hand blisters. Repair kits are great for fixing small tears and holes to extend wetsuit life.
  • Promotion Exo Beanie

    A must have for cooler conditions. Urethane coated fleece beanie works great when a full hood is more than you need.

    From: $24.00

  • Neil Pryde Standard Hood

    For the coldest sailing days. 3mm cold weather hood helps keep you on the water in the coldest conditions.

    From: $27.00

  • O'Neill Wetsuit Cleaner

    Cleans & conditions neoprene wetsuits, drysuits, boots, gloves etc. Biodegradable too
  • O'Neill Neoprene Cement

    Superbond neoprene cement. Ideal for repairing scuffs & small neoprene tears.