WindSUP Cross Over Rig Packages

Complete WindSUP rigs target SUP Crossover boards. These rigs are designed to introduce SUP users to the sport of windsurfing. These sails are special designs that are light weight, easy to assemble, and very forgiving to the learning process associated with windsurfing. WindSUP sails are soft center sails that help riders identify with visual aids of filling the sails mid section with wind as well as ease of depowering the sail. Our WindSup Crossover Rig packages take the guess work out of the buying process. These complete packages include all the parts necessary to rig and use the sails on any SUP or Wind Crossover board with that have a mast insert attachment. Sail Options include models from RRD, Aerotech, Starboard and more. Rig framework come with; 2-pc or 3-pc epoxy mast, clamp-on adjustable length boom, 1-bolt base and base extension, uphaul and necessary rope.