Windsurfer LT boards

Windsurfer LT boards

Windsurfer - New – Modern - Updated version of original Windsurfer This new spin on the Original Windsurfer - keeps all of the fun of the original but with many modern improvements like a full EVA deck, light and stiff construction, a modern mast box and retractable daggerboard , as well as a power box fin system. This new design – features higher volume, stiffer and lighter construction and is significantly faster then the original windsurfer. Its design targets light to moderate wind use that's goal is to re-inspire riders to get out on the water and have fun on a clean – simple and strapless design board that's very user friendly. Whether you're just learning or an advanced rider looking to rekindle the freestyle era of rail riding, and other old school moves - the New school Windsurfer is an excellent choice board. The graphics for this board are very retro and will trigger memories for those of use who sailed the original models in 70's and 80's.
  • Windsurfer LT Race

    New school modern version of original Windsurfer – targets one-design racing performance that's simple and fun. AST construction.

    From: $1,449.00

  • Windsurfer LT Freestyle

    New school modern version of original Windsurfer – a do it all windsurfing board that's fun for everyone. AST construction.

    From: $1,299.00