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In Stock Now! Modern version of original Windsurfer – a do it all windsurfing board that's fun for everyone. AST construction.
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LT Freestyle
Board Category: - Performance Longboard / Windsup

Windsurfer LT – Freestyle - New – Modern - Updated version of original Windsurfer
This updated spin on the Original Windsurfer - the Windsurfer LT keeps all of the fun of the original but with many modern improvements like a full EVA deck, light and stiff construction, a modern mast box and retractable daggerboard , as well as a power box fin system. This new design – features higher volume, stiffer and lighter construction and is significantly faster then the original windsurfer. Its design targets light to moderate wind use that's goal is to re-inspire riders to get out on the water and have fun on a clean – simple and strapless design board that's very user friendly. Whether you're just learning or an advanced rider looking to rekindle the freestyle era of rail riding, and other old school moves - the New school Windsurfer LT is an excellent choice board. The graphics for this board are very retro and will trigger memories for those of use who sailed the original models in 70's and 80's.
Windsurfer LT is available in 3 versions based on same hull; SUP, Freestyle and Race. The Freestyle is the best all rounder for windsurfing and SUP use. Targeting fun and user friendliness, it's equipped with a smaller 61 cm plastic daggerboard that's easy to use and remove from the hull. The deck area is flat and clutter free and has a 2/3 length EVA grooved deck pad for riding comfort and grip. The board also features a rubber daggerboard gasket on the bottom of the hull to seal out water when daggerboard is engaged and retracted at higher speeds. The fin box is a power box that includes a levered fin screw - for ease of attaching the fin. The mast box system is a standard mast box, allowing modern rigs to be easily attached without the worries of original rigs that frequently separated from the board at the most inopportune times. If you decide to race this board in the new One-Design class – you can add a 85 cm performance Race daggerboard and its required deck cover separately.

- Freestyle / School – for best all around option.
- Flat deck surface – clean /simple.
- AST Epoxy hull construction – for stiffer, more responsive ride that's durable and light weight.
- Modern construction – reduces original windsurfer weight by 40%.
- 2/3 length EVA Deck pad – grooved and super comfortable.
- Standard mast box attachment.
- Narrow daggerboard – Fully retractable.
- 61 cm Plastic Daggerboard – with narrow span width for ease of use & removal.
- Power box – fin box system.
- 30 cm plastic - one-design fin.
- No footstraps or attachment options.

366 cm x 73.4cm x 229 vol x 15 kg / 33 lbs.

AST – single shot AST technology. A lightweight EPS core, with varying weights of chopped strand fiberglass, open structure combi mats and a foaming epoxy resin system then cured in a vacuum closed mold.. A white paint topcoat is applied after final finishing, with graphics, 2/3 length EVA soft foam deck. Despite being built for longevity; the new board’s light weight gives excellent performance and keeps it easy to handle.
Brand Windsurfer LT
Board Size Ranges X- Large (215-300 Liters)
SKU AE60356

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Product BrandBoard Size RangesSKU
LT Freestyle Windsurfer LTX- Large (215-300 Liters)AE60356 LTS
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