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Whether you're interested in Windsurfing, Wing foiling, Wind foiling, or all three, Isthmus University will teach you everything you need to know about selecting the right equipment for your sport! 


Sifting through windsurfing board and rig options via web, catalogs or in person, can be a challenging process. 

For those of you who desire to research gear on your own, we've created Windsurfing 101. It is a list of terminology, board and rig examples and options to help you get started on your path to windsurfing board and rig ownership. We hope it will help you gain a clearer perspective of equipment options you may want to consider.

- Isthmus Sailboards Staff

Beginner Windsurfing Boards - Learn How to Choose Here

Complete Package Options:

A Beginner Windsurfing Board Plus a Beginner Windsurfing Rig = A Complete Beginner Windsurfing Package.
For your convenience, we offer a combination of Complete Beginner board and rig options . Click here to see our current beginner windsurf package options.


Equipment Selection, Terminology, and Complete Packages COMING SOON!


Equipment Selection, Terminology, and Complete Packages COMING SOON!

If you have questions or want assistance in choosing the right equipment for you, please don't hesitate to contact us!