Windsurfing Boards

Windsurfing Boards for every ability and price range, visit Isthmus Sailboards for the largest selection and best prices in one location. Click on a category to find the right windsurfing board options for your needs. Windsurfing boards come in a wide variety of sizes, types and constructions. Sizing relates to length, width and volume. Types relate to areas of skills, disciplines and goals. Constructions relate to durability, cost factors, stiffness and weight. We have a large selection of Windsurfing Board Categories to help you target ideal performance for your needs and goals. These categories include: Recreational Family, Wind-Sup Gear, Inflatable Windsurf, Performance Longboards, Progressive Freeride, Performance Freeride, Freemove Freeride, Freerace, Superlightwind / Formula, Freestyle Wave, High Wind Wave, Freestyle, and WindFoiling Gear. Our selection of boards include models from the following brands; RRD, Tabou, JP, Starboard, Fanatic, Bic, Exocet, Kona, Horue, Slingshot and more. We've got you covered for each area of skill development and specialty areas related to windsurfing, windsup and windfoiling. Isthmus Sailboards has the largest selection of windsurfing board options, prices and availability in the windsurfing market. Call or email us if you have any questions.