Windsurfing Booms: Carbon RDG

Carbon RDG windsurfing booms with their tiny grip are really easy on your hands and make your rig feel lighter and more compact. They are also ideal for use in colder weather when wearing neoprene gloves or mittens as the tiny grip size makes it easier to hang on in cold conditions. Once you try one of these with your smaller sails there is no going back.
  • Aeron Carbon Slim 24.5mm RDM

    Awesome PrePreg Carbon boom with 24.5 mm grip. Unique tack block and twin pin adjustment clips. 146-200 size.

    From: $649.00

  • RRD Dynamic Pro RDM Boom

    RRD's slim carbon boom has 25 mm grip, prepreg carbon monocoque design, for ultimate comfort and stiffness.

    From: $669.00

  • 2018 Severne Enigma Carbon Wave

    15% off. Severne's Top of the line performance RDG 25mm grip carbon boom – Wave model.

    From: $679.00

  • 2018 North Platinum Boom

    $100 off last 150 size. 100% prepreg T800 Sentex carbon construction makes this the carbon boom of choice for many of the top professional circuit riders.

    From: $679.95

  • Chinook RDG Carbon

    Chinook skinny carbon boom – the RDG has a 24 mm grip and is designed for ultimate comfort and performance. Made in USA.

    From: $792.00