Closeout Demo Gear

Demo Windsurfing Gear: Here you will find gear used only by our shop staff. This gear is generally used for only one season in Wisconsin where it does not get used as much as we would like it to...and then offered at deep discounts!
  • 2015/16 RRD Freestyle Wave Ltd V3

    Final Closeout last 100L size! New refined V3 Freestyle Wave LTD designs that are fast planing single fin boards - targeting "do it all" type of short board windsurfing.

    From: $1,699.00

  • 2016 Ezzy Elite Solo Sports

    30% off brand new never unrolled to 50% off used Elites. 2016 Ezzy Elite Sails from Solo Sports.

    From: $449.00

  • GT 75 CC RDM 430cm Demo

    Demo / Used mast - Excellent performance 75% carbon RDM. Highest quality European construction.
  • 2016 Ezzy Taka 2 Demos

    $399 for last 4.1m2. This refined three batten wave sail with improved stability and range.

    From: $399.00