Windsurfing Foils

Windsurfing foils are manufactured in aluminum or carbon and components of complete foils may be a hybrid combination of aluminum and carbon. Isthmus Sailboards offers windsurfing foils from Horue, Neil Pryde, Progressive/Epic, RRD, Slingshot and Starboard. Foils run in a wide price range from $699 up to about $2599 for the complete Starboard Team Set.
  • Neil Pryde RS Flight AL Foil

    Now $599 free ship* These foils offer excellent entry into foiling. Efficient and durable foil engineering at a very affordable option. * In the continental USA only.
  • 2019 Neil Pryde Glide Wind 160 Powerbox

    Windfoiling made easy design that can fit pedestal mount, deep tuttle or powerbox (included) boards – ideal for freemove, freeride board use and accessible foiling success.
  • 2019 Neil Pryde RS Flight AL Foil

    New Flight AL is a great for both learning and rapid progression to advance performance. Carbon wings, AL mast and fuselage.
  • Slingshot Hover Glide FWind1 Foil

    From $839. Hover Glide Fwind1 windfoil is easy, controllable, affordable with modular growth for windfoiling. Includes Foil, bag, shipping.

    From: $839.00

  • Slingshot FWind1 Foil Powerplate Kit

    $999 for remaining stock. Hover Glide Fwind1 with PowerPlate and Pedestal adapter – converts Power, TU or DT boxes to windfoiling option. Includes Foil, 2 adapters and padded bag.

    From: $999.00

  • 2019 Slingshot Hover Glide FWind Foil

    10% off. The new FWIND foil includes Infinity 76 wing. It packs incredible range, lift, stability, ease of use and control.

    From: $1,149.00

  • 2019 Starboard Foil Freeride Aluminium

    Foiling made easy – with massive front and rear wings that targets learning to foil without sacrificing speed.

    From: $1,199.00

  • 2019 Starboard Foil GT Aluminium

    Sporty yet user friendly windfoiling – the GT AL is Starboards most popular foil. Carbon wings, AL mast and fuselage.

    From: $1,199.00

  • RRD WH Flight 85 Alu Hydrofoil V2

    Fits Tuttle & Deep Tuttle. The V2 is improved with larger rear wing and shorter fuselage – for amazing early flight, increased stability and high speed control.

    From: $1,299.00

  • Neil Pryde RS Flight F4 Foil (carbon)

    $1399. Only 2 left! RS F4 Foil is NP's premium Carbon foil that targets ultimate windfoiling performance. Includes light wind & high wind front wings *In the continental USA only.
  • Slingshot HG Custom Infinity 84 Foil

    The new FWIND Custom foil includes Infinity 84 wing. It packs incredible range, maximum lift, stability, ease of use and control.

    From: $1,425.00

  • Horue Vini Carbon LW XLW Foil Kit

    Now $1599 free ship* These 100% Carbon performance Windfoils are incredibly light, include 2 front wings, float, and can foil in 6-8 knots of wind. *In the continental USA only.

    From: $1,599.00

  • 2019 Starboard Foil Team Set

    This 7 pc foil set – includes carbon mast, 2x's carbon wing sets and 2x's AL fuselage. Versatile performance combo.

    From: $2,799.00