Windsurfing Masts

Windsurfing mast for every size, construction and price range, visit Isthmus Sailboards for the largest selection and best prices in one location. Click on a mast category to find the right mast products for your windsurfing sail compatibility needs. Windsurfing masts are key part of your gear to benefit sail and rig performance. Masts are available in either SDM (Standard Diameter Masts), or RDM (Reduced Diameter Masts) types. Constructions vary from Epoxy composite to Carbon of 40 to 100%. The bend curve type, stiffness and compatibilities vary from mast brands and sail type compatibilities. SDM masts have a larger diameter from the base of the mast up through the two thirds length of the mast and are commonly available in lengths of 370-550 cm in 30 cm increments. RDM masts have a small diameter through out their length. They tend to favor aggressive riding styles due to greater ability to bend further with their smaller diameter, and are ideal when windsurfing in waves. RDM masts are available in lengths of 340-490 cm increments. We stock mast brands from GT, Ezzy, Chinook, Gaastra, Powerex, RRD and more. Isthmus Sailboards has the best mast options, prices, compatibility types and availability in the windsurfing market. Call or email us if you have any questions.