Rig Accessories

Windsurfing Rig Accessories: We stock the widest selection of rig accessories from the best suppliers assuring that you will find in stock exactly the part you are looking for. Need something special? Our staff has been in windsurfing since 1980. Not sure which accessory will best meet your needs? Reach out to us, we can assist with anything windsurfing!
  • Boom Bra

    Boom bra - protects boom head and your body and board form boom hits.
  • SURFBENT 2-pin

    New V2 windsurf board protector – keeps your rigs mast from slamming into the nose of your board. Excellent for new short boarders, Windfoilers and freestylers.

    From: $89.00

  • Chinook Up-Haul

    Lightweight and strong, webbing and bungee style. New two-tone color scheme.
  • Chinook Easy Uphaul

    Perfect for easing uphaul process of sails of all sizes. Perfect for big sails!
  • Chinook Tug Cleat- 2 handle aluminum

    Allows you to use both hands to get the leverage and comfort you need to downhaul effectively.
  • Chinook Tug Cleat- 1 handle aluminum

    Makes gripping your downhaul line a snap to allow you to obtain correct downhaul tension on your rig.
  • Maui HookUp downhaul tool

    A down Haul tool that holds your line in place with a simple loop and go method. No more jammed lines.
  • Marlow Formuline 3.8mm (per foot)

    The Ultimate downhaul line! Manufactured from high tensile Dyneema fibers. Outlasts every other line.
  • Chinook Waterstarter

    Stops the clew of your boom from sinking, making it much easier to waterstart.
  • Duotone Boom Protector

    The Duotone Boom Protector is a padded, closed boom protector to protect the board nose, especially in the event of wipe-outs.

    From: $13.95

  • DaKine Wai Wai Base Pad

    Prevent stubbed toes on your mast base. Covers your mast base fully for complete foot protection.

    From: $15.00

  • ION Mast/Board Protector

    Protect your board from nose damage with this unique 24" mast pad.

    From: $54.95

  • 5/32" Chinook Line (per foot)

    This polyester downhaul line is the standard 5/32" Chinook uses on all of their bases, extensions & booms. Price is per foot.
  • The Deviator

    Deflect your rig away from the nose of your board for effective insurance against board repairs.
  • Sailworks Adjustable Outhaul- double sided system

    Adjustable outhaul - provides on the fly adjustment to your sails outhaul tension.
  • Chinook Double Sail Pulley- outhaul

    Ideal for quick clew attachments and adjustable outhaul systems.
  • Epic 3x pulley hook

    Sail Pulley for sails with tack grommets. Makes downhauling sails easier.
  • Epic 4x pulley hook

    Sail Pulley for sails with tack grommets. Makes downhauling sails easier.
  • Chinook In-Flight Adjustable Outhaul Kit

    Adapts your boom into a low friction, 8 to 1, on-the-fly adjustable outhaul system.
  • Chinook Rig Winch

    The Chinook rig winch makes downhauling any sail super easy. Available for US Cup and Euro Pin bases.

    From: $49.50

  • Epic Gear Fin Bags

    Individual padded slots protect your fins. Deluxe size holds the biggest fins in your stash.

    From: $40.00

  • Ezzy Sail Head Cap

    The Ezzy Headcap is a classic standard. This mast cap fits virtually every mast tip on the market, and easily threads into the head webbing of every sail we know.
  • Ezzy Sail Top Strap

    This Top haul strap allows up to 60 cm of mast tip to be exposed. Specific to Ezzy Sails.
  • Ezzy Sails D-Ring

    Ezzy's removable, 316 stainless steel D-ring is a great option for sailors who prefer to use a grommet with a pulley hook. Easy installation.
  • Ezzy Mast Tip Plug

    The Ezzy plastic tip plug fits snug into any Ezzy 340-490cm RDM mast.
  • Tricktionary 3 Book

    This incredible Windsurfing book is important to have and study for windsurfers of every level! Volume 3 – latest and greatest instruction.
  • Ezzy Sail Pulley

    The ultimate tack pulley. Tired of your ropes jumping rollers? This stainless pulley is the solution. Ideal for Legacy sail.
  • Maui Sails RDM Shim

    A must have for Maui Sails Carbon Booms being used with an RDM mast. This RDM shim is the only one tall enough to work with Maui Sails carbon booms.
  • Aluminum Vent Screw w/o-ring

    These are replacement vent plugs.They fit all Cobra Factory boards and include an O-ring.