Safety Gear

Windsurfing safety gear and equipment. Flotation vests offer added security and safety. The models we feature work well with seat and waist harnesses and don't interfere with spreader bar hooks. They're compact, comfortable and loaded with features. Helmets protect your head from your gear and are especially important in extreme high-wind conditions.
  • SURFBENT 2-pin

    New V2 windsurf board protector – keeps your rigs mast from slamming into the nose of your board. Excellent for new short boarders, Windfoilers and freestylers.

    From: $89.00

  • Neil Pryde High Hook CE Float Vest

    This flotation vest is CE approved and loaded with features. Ideal for windsurfing with a harness on.

    From: $124.99

  • Ion Vector Vest Amp FZ

    Ion impact vest offers great protect your rib cage and delivers great flotation as well.

    From: $154.95

  • Dakine Surface Vest

    Flotation & Impact vest. Harness compatible. Super stretch design, zipper front.

    From: $150.00

  • Neil Pryde Combat Impact Vest FZ

    This impact vest is a harness compatible design that aids protection of your chest and back while providing some floatation.

    From: $129.99

  • Neil Pryde High Hook Elite Float Vest

    This flotation vest can be worn with harness, is super comfortable and loaded with features.

    From: $119.99

  • Neil Pryde Freeride Helmet

    This Ultra lightweight helmet is dedicated for water sports use. Loaded with features and attractive price.

    From: $54.99

  • DaKine Wai Wai Base Pad

    Prevent stubbed toes on your mast base. Covers your mast base fully for complete foot protection.

    From: $15.00

  • The Deviator

    Deflect your rig away from the nose of your board for effective insurance against board repairs.
  • ION Mast/Board Protector

    Protect your board from nose damage with this unique 24" mast pad.

    From: $54.95