• Slingshot Hover Glide FSUP V3

    10% Off Fsup V3 is a SUP and WING Foil hydrofoil. 71 cm mast w/ Pedestal mount system. Complete Foil kit, Bag, neoprene covers and shipping.
  • Universal 85 WH Alu Foil Set

    A Convertible Multisport Foil. Lift at 8 knots of board speed. Easy Foiling jibes too! Wind, Wing, and Sup foil use.
  • RRD Universal KSH Alu Foil set Y25

    All Terrain Foil targeting Multisport use. Lift at 8 knots of board speed. Wing, Sup and windsurf foil use. Exceptional build quality and modular capabilities.

    From: $1,424.00