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April 16, 2016. "I just wanted thank you and your wonderful staff for all of your help, advice and patience during my recent purchase. I remember when I first noticed windsurfing up close. I was in the Navy in 1985 and was a surfer. During liberty on a stopover in Pearl Harbor I had snuck up the shore to surf the back side of Diamond Head. I remember it being a windy blown out day, not great for us surfers but awesome for the two windsurfers there who were absolutely ripping up the starboard tack swell. The other surfers were pissed but I was mesmerized. I recall this one California lookin dude with a bright pink sail just destroying the lip and driving bottom turns like I had never seen before! I decided then and there that I had to learn to windsurf, then I too would rip it like this guy. Heh heh, I had no idea that the ""California dude"" with the pink sail, with sail number US1111 was none other than world champion Robby Naish. Needless to say I never could rip like the king but over the next decade I did my fair share of ""nukin"" at the Gorge, Hatteras, Corpus, the Carribean and here in Madison WI. Us locals out here in ""the sticks"" we're super lucky to have Isthmus sailboards right here. The local Madison chop hoppin crew was awesome from 1987 to 1995. Ten odd years later, a house, wife, munchkins, kidney transplant and many jobs it's time to get back out on the water. The Windsup looks like a great way to combine SUP, windsurfing and wave sailing/surfing at Sheboygan. Thanks for still being here after all these years and for always being there for your customers! See you guys on the water. (I noticed that Robby is still out riding monsters, hell why not! Heh heh) Shaka bra-Dom - Madison, WI"
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