Windsurf Packages

We offer the largest selection of complete windsurfing packages and gear in North America. Brands include RRD, Starboard, Fanatic, JP, Exocet, Kona, Ezzy and more.

WindSUP Packages

Ideal for people looking for complete packages that address both Windsurfing and Paddle Boarding. They ensure fun for all with or without wind! 

Wing Foil Packages

New and Exciting! Feel like you're flying!  Board, Wing and Foil packages from the best brands like Slingshot, RRD, Starboard and Neil Pryde

Wind Foil Packages

Great selection of Windfoiling Packages. Float above the water while using the wind to power yourself. Faster and more exciting than ever!

Inflatable Packages

Inflatable Compact Packages are perfect for those who want to bring their gear when they travel or are simply looking for light and compact gear!

Hot! - New Arrivals

The Best New Windsurfing Windfoil and Wing Foil Gear!

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Orders over $149 Ship FREE!

Orders over $149 Ship for Free in the continential U.S.
(Oversize exclusions apply)

Exclusive - Board Double Boxing

The Isthmus Team double boxes all Windsurfing and Wing Foiling boards that ship from our warehouse at no additional cost to you! $99 Value at N/C.

Expert Advice is FREE

Together, we have over 95 Years of Windsurfing Experience at our shop.  We love sharing our knowledge of windsurfing gear and equipment with our customers!