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I had a great experience with Mr. Stone. I came to him asking about a fanatic gecko, and instead of selling it to me right away he asked questions like my weight, experience, and what types of boards I've used. He told me to use my old fanatic bat lite which had liters closer to the gecko size I was thinking about getting. I'm so glad he suggested it as I struggled to uphaul on it and it was not a fun season. I ended up getting an ezzy legacy rig and he told me how to modify my fanatic Fox lightwind 370 from the late eighties so that I can use the new sails. Isthmus sailboards will be my go to shop for my future Windsurfing needs both for me and my son that's on the way when he comes of age as they are adamant about finding the right equipment for you.. Thank you for all your help and advice! Your great lakes neighbor, Shaun
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