WindSUP boards

WindSUP Crossover boards are multi-sport boards ideal for individuals and families looking for both windsurfing and standup paddling capabilities. The best part about these boards is that they allow you to be active in almost all wind conditions. The emphasis of these designs is for SUP, and they are very capable for both learning and advanced windsurfing use. They insure a fun for all board solution for use with or without wind! Each Wind-SUP Crossover option features a daggerboard or center fin system to maximize stability while learning to windsurf and are 30" in width or wider. Our large selection and options include both epoxy / ASA constructions as well as inflatable models and great choices to fit all your price range and performance needs. We offer boards from Starboard, Exocet, RRD, BIC and more.

WindSUP Board Factors to Consider:

The Isthmus Team double boxes all Wind SUP boards that ship from our warehouse at no additional cost to you to ensure the board you've ordered arrives safe and protected.  We use custom made, double walled, heavy duty cardboard that can absorb up to an additional 350lbs of pressure to wrap a 2nd layer of protection around your board. This exclusive double boxing process equates to about 25 minutes of additional staff time to prepare your shipment and an additional $49 in cardboard used to protect your board.