Beginner Windsurfing Packages

Beginner or Recreational windsurfing packages are great for people who desire to learn how to windsurf. With all of the recent advancements in windsurfing gear, learning to windsurf has never been easier. A beginner windsurfing board is stable and easy to steer. The sails are also so compact and easy to manage whether just learning or advancing your skills. Windsurfing is a sport that continues to evolve both in new maneuvers to learn and new products to advance your excitement and experiences on the water. The entry level complete packages we offer target beginners to advance intermediate skill level development. These packages take the guess work out of the buying process. Here you will find a wide variety of board types, sizes and construction options, along with complete sail rig packages to choose from that can accommodate your needs, goals and budget for windsurfing. We offer boards by RRD, Fanatic, JP, Starboard, Exocet, Bic, Kona, Tabou and more. Our complete rig packages include sails from RRD, Gaastra Chinook, Ezzy and Starboard. All of our rig packages have all necessary frame work and windsurfing components to assemble and attach to the windsurfing board.

Receiving Your First Board From Isthmus

There are many health benefits to learning to windsurf. It is a great form of exercise - it's an activity promoting a fully engaged mind and body while out on the water. It is not a sport that relies on sheer strength, but suits finesse equally well. While windsurfing you will build muscle, tone your body and burn calories all while having fun in the process. Your brain is always engaged as you are constantly adjusting to conditions via body position, balance and trimming your gear. Not only do you use muscles that you might not realize existed, but your required to observe and anticipate controlling and harnessing the wind in your sail. This process causes you to think on your feet and react to the present conditions with your body. Mother Nature is unpredictable, making windsurfing in a wide range of conditions so exciting. Every time you windsurf the conditions will be different, keeping the excitement of a new experience front and center while trying to develop and adapt your skill sets to the conditions of the moment. The more time you spend on the water windsurfing, the more natural and second nature it becomes. It is a sport that you can start at any age, and continue to grow with for the rest of your life.

Entry Level (RRD Easy Ride) Rigging Instructions