Winging is the newest addition to the water sport world and quickly growing due to its simplicity and how easy it is to learn. These handheld inflatable wings are best described as a crossover between a sail and kite and can easily fit into a backpack for easy transportation and storage. Wings can be used with a stand up paddle board, windsurfing board or foil board. These wings are extremely lightweight and easy to control, making them a blast on the water. Wind wings can be used to go on light cruises on paddle boards or reach high speeds and perform tricks on a foil board. With compact storage and a quick set up time, the simplicity of a wind wing will allow you to be out on the water in minutes. 

We have inflatable wind wings from RRD, Starboard, Slingshot and Ozone. Wing compatible boards from RRD, Starboard, Slingshot, JP and more! We also have wing foils from RRD, Slingshot, Neil Pryde and Starboard.

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