Wing Surfing Packages

Wingsurfing packages include a Wing board, Wind Wing and Leash. Wing boards can be hard boards or inflatable boards, are typically similar in size and shape to a paddle board, but also include a center fin, (to help you get up-wind :ie back home) which is key to having succcess while learning to wingsurf or wing board.

We offer Wingsurf packages from brands like RRD, STX, Starboard, Duotone, Tahe, SIC and more.

Learn to Wingsurf basics from our partner Starboard

Wing surfing Packages typically include multi-sport wingsurf boards that allow you to learn multiple water sports depending on the wind conditions. If its calm, you can paddle board your wingboard. If winds are roughly 10mph or greater your can wingsurf using a wind wing or in some cases even windsurf your board  using a windsurf rig.  Wingsurfing packages help riders learn to balance on their board, while learning how to power and manipulate a wind wing.   This learning and progression helps riders who want to successfully transition to wing foiling.