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Kona Windsurfing Boards

Kona is a windsurfing company that specializes in performance windsurfing long-boards, Windsup and SUP water sports. Kona windsurfing boards owner Joachim Larsson recognized the value and concept of a board Exocet originally pioneered called the Kona and decided to buy the design and market the One-design approach to racing. Once Kona Brand was born, Joachim not only formed an international one-design board class, but turned it into the fastest and largest one-design racing class in the world. This concept of one board and sail size based on weight of rider has brought the fun and fairness back into windsurfing course racing competition. The Kona-One board is not only an accessible board for many skill levels, but its unique step tail design allows it to be very exciting to sail in a wide range of wind conditions. Joachim's vision to bring fun and fairness back to the windsurfing industry has been a tremendous success and continues to bethe largest and fastest growing recreational one-design racing class in the world. Recently Joachim added new constructions to the Kona line-up by introducing the Kona CarbOne and the Kona Step-One. He is also adding SUP boards to the Kona fleet. The Kona windsurfing boards are also capable SUP boards when the winds are too light to sail. 

Isthmus Sailboards has been a proud supporter and firm believer in the Kona One concept from it's early beginnings in 2006. It's a versatile board that brought the fun and excitement of windsurfing a longboard back to the industry. It's unique shape and step tail design blends light wind touring of a longboard with a higher octane short board feel once planing. We offer the full range of the Kona series including the Kona-One, Carb-One and Step One designs. The Kona-One is a class competitive one-design board that you can learn on, progress on, race on and SUP on. A true all-round windsurfing and SUP board. The Step-One is a simplified version of the Kona-One. It shares the same shape and construction, but with a simpler daggerboard system and a reduced EVA deck pad area. The Kona Carb-One is an all carbon construction version of the Kona-One with the addition of a sliding mast track. It is lighter, stiffer then the Kona-One and delivers more performance range. We also offer the Kona-One rigs. If we don't have your size in stock, we can order it for you. We will continue to add more of the Kona Designs to our offerings.