Wind foiling and Wing foiling Gear

FOILING - Hydrofoiling sports are an exciting new way to experience water activities. We specialize in Wind and Wing foiling sports. We also offer Sup and Wake foiling products. From special designed boards, foils, rigs andinflatable wings -  we offer a wide selection of products to take you from foiling new comer to advanced and expert level foilers. Imagine hovering above the water and floating on air, all the while carving a hydro foil through the water. It is a powerful sensation and is also very quiet once your foil windsurfing. This is a small sample of the excitement foil sports can deliver to riders whether they are on a lake, river, ocean, waves or flat water. Hydrofoil sports are a new frontier in water sports activity and excitement.

At Isthmus Sailboards we strive to offer the best hydrofoil related products, designs, constructions and values to address all levels of windfoil and wingfoil sport riders. Contact us at Isthmus Sailboards to learn more about this exciting frontier in watersports - Hydrofoiling.