Beginner Windsurf Boards

Beginner Windsurfing Boards - Recreational

Beginner windsurfing boards are ideal for recereational learning to windsurf and help families, schools and other water sports enthusiasts assure rapid progression to intermediate skill levels and beyond. We offer windsurf boards by RRD, Duotone, Fanatic, Starboard, Exocet, Tahe and more. Each Windsurf board model offers a high degree of stability proportionate to its size and features a dagger board to aid in stability, light wind and upwind performance. These Windsurf Boards are designed for use in a wide range of wind conditions and some feature a durable plastic outer skin construction for added durability. Our board pricing accommodate a wide range of windsurfing needs, goals and budgets.

Our Exclusive Board Double Boxing Process 

The Isthmus Team double boxes all windsurfing boards that ship from our warehouse at no additional cost to you to ensure the board you've ordered arrives safe and protected.  We use custom made, double walled, heavy duty cardboard that can absorb up to an additional 350lbs of pressure to wrap a 2nd layer of protection around your board. This exclusive double boxing process equates to about 25 minutes of additional staff time to prepare your shipment and an additional $49 in cardboard used to protect your board. 

Receiving Your First Board From Isthmus