Wing Board

A Wing Board or Wing foil board is a new and exciting part of Wind powered water sport. These compact boards are designed for use with Hydrofoils, and many work well for SUP foiling and in some cases Wind foiling use as well. The primary use of a wing board is to be powered by hand held inflatable wings for Wing boarding. The 3 part combination of Wing, Wingfoil Board and Hydrofoil encompasses the primary target for successful Wingfoiling.
These boards tend to be very short in length and come in a variety of widths and volumes to suit rider needs. Common lengths are from 140-215 cm / 4’7”-7’. Some longer models in 8' lengths are also available and tend to focus on cross sport use. Most hard construction wing foil boards are offered in; Epoxy, Wood Sandwich and Carbon laminate options. These construction options will best be suited for riders based on performance criteria, durability and price range you're targeting. We offer wing boards from; RRD, Starboard, Slingshot, Duotone, JP, Progressive and more. 
Wing foil boards are also now available in inflatable models to benefit extreme compact travel whether in your vehicle or airline transport. New technology for constructions and features can make inflatable models an ideal optional choice for many riders whether you’re new to wingfoiling or an expert.