Windsurfing Rigs - What to know

Windsurfing Rig Details

We offer windsurf rig packages that are ideally suited for a range of skill levels from entry level kids to advanced level adults. Each rig package includes all the necessary hardware to complete and attach the rig to a windsurfing board. Windsurfing Rigs are sold complete with sail, mast, boom, base, extension uphaul and rope to allow you to rig and attach to a windsurfing, wind foil or windsup board. The size rig you select will have a direct impact on ease of use, available power, wind range and comfort. Most Kids Rigs range from 1.0-3.5 m2, while Adults Rigs will range from 4.0-7.5 m2.


We stock a huge selection or windsurfing rigs from Ezzy, Gaastra, RRD, Duotone and more.


Windsurf Rig Components - What to Know and How to Rig.

The Rig – This is the common reference to the combination of the Windsurfing sail, mast, boom, base and base extension, when assembled together.


Sail Sizing – Windsurfing sail sizes are determined by square meter area. (1 square meter equals about 10.76 square feet.) Sail sizes typically range from 2.0 to 10.0m2. Adults learn best with 4.0 – 5.5 m2 sail sizes.


Sail Type – Most windsurfing sails have full length battens (to support the sail cloth), are built with sail cloth materials that include monofilm, Dacron or x-ply, and are mostly transparent to allow good visibility of your surroundings. Full batten sails are commonly referred to as No-cam, Freeride, Bump-n-jump / Wave, or Recreational sails.


Mast – This is the spine (support) for a windsurfing sail and inserts into the leading edge of sail (mast sleeve). These are available in Epoxy and Carbon constructions. Its length is measured in centimeters. Average length is 460 cm (15'1"). Most sail sizes below 6.5 m2 require a 430 cm mast or shorter length, and above 7.5 require a 490 cm mast or longer. Most masts are 2-piece models for ease of transport.


Boom – It is your hands on to control the power of the sail and direction of your board. All modern booms have a clamp-on front boom head for ease of attaching it to the mast and positioning relative to user height. They are adjustable in length to accommodate a range of sail sizes and are measured in centimeters for length. Average booms are 160-220cm lengths (5'3"-7'3").


Base and Base Extension – The Base is what connects the board to your rig. It has a rubber or mechanical mid-section that allows your rig to turn 360 degrees and pivot at up to 90 degree angles to the board. The Base Extension is what connects your mast and sail together. It is a key part that allows you to properly rig and tension the sail. They are available in 15, 30 or 48cm adjustment range options. The top of the base connects into the bottom of the base extension.


Uphaul – Is a knotted tubular webbing rope that attaches to the front end of the boom and the base of the sail. It is a necessary part to allow windsurfers to lift the sail up and out of the water, especially when learning.