Inflatable Windsurf

Inflatable Windsurfing Boards

Inflatable windsurfing boards are ideal for riders looking for a windsurfing board that's easily transportable. The inflatable windsurf aspect provides a very compact board when deflated where the board, board parts and pump all fit inside a backpack type of bag. This compact aspect is ideal for both transporting and storage purposes. The Edge Guard technology provides a hard rail release that enables these board the ability to plane and release the water at the rail of the board. This removes limitations of prior generation inflatable boards buy increasing the speed potential never b4 seen on inflatable boards. Windsurf Inflatable boards currently target advancing windsurfers - who seek footstrap use and planing performance qualities. Some models include; daggerboards or center removable fin systems and footstraps. We currently offer Inflatable windsurfing boards from: Starboard called the Airplane. Available with Daggerboard , Center Fin box or rear fin only versions. Rear fin box can be adapted to Tuttle, or Powerbox cavity system. Important features of Inflatable Windsurf boards include; Back pack style carrying case w/ wheels, fin and daggerboard system (if feature of board), Hand pump with a built in gauge to provide accurate inflation and matching repair kit. It is important to inflate these properly, as they require 17 psi of air pressure in order to provide you with the best performance qualities for Windsurfing. Inflatable windsurf board construction is high quality and built in tough and durable 6" drop-stitched fabric with a large EVA deck pad area. The stiffness and strength is achieved through its thick drop-stitched fabric and proper inflation to provide a rigid feel with impressive performance qulities. When compard to WindSUP inflatables - the Windsurf versions have faster speed potential, have footstrap positions and can address needs of more advanced skilled riders. Daggerboard version inflatable windsurf boards can best address entry level windsurfing needs.