Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand Up Paddle Board - How to Choose the Perfect One!

A Stand Up Paddle Board offers a great form of exercise on the water that encompasses standing up on a large surfboard type board with a long paddle in hand that’s used on alternating sides of the board to pull you across the water. Whether it’s a causal paddle on a lake, river or ocean or an aggressive paddle to race, catch waves or experience an intense work-out, paddleboarding exercise is a great core workout that can be enjoyed by all ages. Just the simple fact that standing on the paddle board engages your core through balance, standing and paddling – makes this activity great for you at any level of participation. 

The Paddle Boards length, width, volume (flotation), shape and targeted designed performance are all important factors to consider when purchasing your own SUP board. From Recreational family use for everyone, yoga, long distance paddling, racing, Sup Wave riding or multi-sport use – there are many options to consider. The constructions vary from Inflatable to Hard body Epoxy boards in various lamination's of wood, carbon, plastic skin asa and more.
Isthmus Sailboards carries a wide variety of SUP boards. Some Paddle Board models are SUP specific, while others allow you multi-sport applications of Windsurfing, Wing-boarding and even Sup-foiling. Please call or email us for the best options for your SUP or multi-sport needs.