Chinook Booms

Chinook windsurfing booms are among the best booms available in the market today. Chinook offers A full range of boom options including kids, freeride, slalom, race & formula. Aluminum and carbon constructions are offered including the new 2017 Chinook RDG 24mm grip carbon boom. Not sure which is best for you? Our staff can advise you the best Chinook boom option for your particular set of circumstances.
  • 2017 Chinook RDG Carbon

    New Chinook skinny carbon boom – the RDG has a 24 mm grip and is designed for ultimate comfort and performance.

    From: $767.00

  • 2017 Chinook Pro 1 Carbon

    Updated carbon boom with huge range, beautiful features and designed for performance!

    From: $752.00

  • 2017 Chinook Pro 1 Alloy

    New revised Pro-1 alloy booms have improved rear-end and loaded with features.

    From: $242.00

  • Chinook Kids Boom 80-130cm

    Now $59. Proven Comp FBE design. Fits RDM masts & has 80 to 130cm size range.

    From: $59.00

  • 2017 Chinook RDG Alloy

    Revised Chinook skinny alloy boom – the RDG has a 27 mm grip with 60 cm adjustment range while it's designed for comfort and performance.

    From: $242.00

  • Chinook Pro 1 RDG AL

    Final Closeout. New RDG – taper T-9 aluminum boom has 27mm grip with 62cm adjustment range & 2 sizes options.

    From: $199.00

  • Chinook Sport Boom

    This boom packs great value and adjustment range in a modern design. Also in kids sizes.

    From: $98.00

  • Chinook Pro 1 Alloy FBE

    This Chinook FBE is designed to be torsionally rigid with increased mast contact area providing positive rig response.