Wing Surf Board

Wing Surf Boards - It's Easy to Feel Like You're Flying!

Wing Surf Boards target fin driven boards that allow riders can stand up on and power themselves with a inflatable wing in light to moderate wind strength conditions. These are great board options for learning to use a wing, to build confidence and skills to eventually progress to wing-foiling board use. Wing Surf Boards will have either a center removable fin in the mid section of the boards (nose to tail), or a retractable centerboard to aid stability and limit sideways drifting. Wing Surf Boards typically have between 175 - 240 liters of volume in the Hard board options, or 200-350 liters in inflatable board options. Many of these also work well for SUP use with a paddle and also windsurfing use when you attach a windsurfing rig to the board.  We carry boards from RRD, Starboard, Fanatic, STX, Slingshot, Exocet, and more. Call or email us for more information.