Wing Foil Packages

Wing foil packages provide a complete all-in-one solution for new and progressing wing foil riders looking to get into this exciting new wind powered water sport. Wing Foiling is the fastest growing sport in the water sport industry. Wing foiling involves a Wing Foil Board, Hydro Foil Set, Inflatable Wind Wing and leashes. If you desire to pursue flying above the water with minimum resistance while powered by the wind – Wing Foiling is an exhilarating and adrenaline oriented sport that encompass these riding qualities.

The Wing Foil packages we offer all include; the Wing Wing, Board, Wing Foil, Leashes and pump (for Wing inflation). We offer wide range of wing, board and foil sizes that provide riders with the best gear options to foster learning to wing foil on through to advanced riding skills. From beginner to intermediate and advance riders – we’ve got you covered.

Basics to keep in mind when buying a Wing Foil package. The Board Size is important as higher volume and greater width of the board will aid stability and comfort when learning especially in lighter wind and or rougher water (115-145 liters of volume) and will make learning and balancing easier and breed more rapid success.. While lower volume boards (110 to 60 litters) can enhance higher skill sets (those who’ve mastered the basics wing foiling skills), decreasing size and volume can enhance maneuverability and comfort in stronger winds and wave use and require appropriate skill to use properly. Wind Wings provide you with power for ability to harness wind power – the larger the wing – the more powerful it will feel (5.0 – 7.0 meter sq.), while the smaller size Wings will be easier to manage and maneuver as the wind strength increases (Below 5.0 meter sq.). The Foil Size is important as you are learning – larger size foils (1750 – 2500 cm sq) will generate more lift at slower speeds and aid stability when foiling. Small foils (below 1750 cm sq) will allow improved speeds and maneuverability – yet require more speed or finesse to engage foiling lift off.

Our brand offerings include: RRD, Starboard, Slingshot, Duotone, SIC, Tahe, STX, Ezzy.