RRD Booms


RRD offers a complete line-up of high performance windsurfing booms. The RRD boom designs feature premium materials, components, adjustment range, various boom grip diameter / type options, and the latest boom body shapes. Most RRD booms feature Monocoque (one-piece) boom bodies to foster the best performance available. Construction types include; Carbon, T-9 & T-8 Aluminum, in monocoque and 3-piece (T-8) constructions. The boom grip diameters vary by models and range between 24.5 - 30 mm in Carbon, 26-29mm in Aluminum. The VR-Slim at 24.5mm and MR at 26mm grip sizes are the smallest Carbon and Aluminum diameters in the industry. Small grip diameters aid control and reduce fatigue. They're ideal for cold water windsurfing environments, small hands, ease to grasp. The V series has 27mm-30mm, and the M series has 29mm grips. The larger diameter grips benefit longer length boom stiffness required with increased sail area loads. The V Series Carbon boom size 180 and 200 feature a subtle "V" in the grip / harness line area only - to maximize stiffness and minimize fatigue. RRD is Roberto Ricci Designs and represents. Quality – Innovation - Performance.

Isthmus Sailboards offers the following construction / models of RRD booms: Carbon: V, VR "Slim"series V2 (monocoque). Aluminum; T-9 M, MR series V1 & V2 (monocoque). Aluminum T-8 EV V2 (3-pc boom body). With over 30 years in the windsurfing business, we believe that these RRD booms provide the finest quality & performance windsurfing booms for the money.