RRD Boards

RRD Windsurfing and Wing Foiling Boards

RRD stands for Roberto Ricci Designs. RRD is recognized as one of the premier windsurfing and water sports brands in the world. They are true innovators in design, quality and attention to details. Roberto Ricci is a true water man who competed on the world cup windsurfing tour for many years prior to forming his own brand in 1995 in Italy. His principle is simple, To make the best boards in the world that fulfill a passionate feeling of excitement - every time you ride. It's not about how you ride, it's about how you feel. Ride and feel, it's all that matters.

RRD windsurfing, Windfoiling, wing-foiling boards encompass premium shaping, construction, graphics and accessories with every model they produce. True custom look and feel in a production board is a noted achievement of every RRD board. The board designs cover a wide range of disciplines and skill level riders. From entry level to the demands of expert level performance, there is an RRD windsurfing board that leads the way and addresses individual rider needs.

Isthmus Sailboards carries the largest selection of RRD boards, rigs, foils and accessories in North America. Models include: WaveCult, Freestyle Wave, FireMove, X-fire, TwinTip, Firestorm, Fireride, Evolution, Longrider, Wassup crossover series and more. Windfoiling and Wingfoiling board models include: H-fire, H-fire Pro, Hi-flight, Fireride, Firemove, Pocket Rocket, Beluga, and more. We also offer RRD: Foils, Booms, windsurfing Compact Travel Rigs, Entry and kids rigs, Wetsuits, Harnesses, windsurfing Fins and more. Call us for more info and the latest innovations and arrivals from RRD.

RRD FireMove model is the latest design innovation that all other brands are trying to imitate. It promotes freemove performance to maximize early planing, efficiency, ease of jibing, incredible wind range and comfort. The Freestyle Wave is another innovation of RRD that has taken over the bump and jump all around category of windsurfing industry. The RRD X-fire series of slalom race boards has been dominating the world cup slalom events proving their design prowess in innovation and shaping the fastest slalom boards in the world. The H series are wind foiling boards that are some of the most innovation foiling boards in the industry. Longrider embraces a combination for long board glide and short board planing and maneuvering qualities that all skill levels can enjoy. WindSup is a cross over design for windsurfing and SUP use that's fun and easy for all to enjoy. EasyRide series focuses on making windsurfing fun and accessible for all to learn and grow in the sport. Booms include; Dynamic series of AL and carbon RDG products.

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