Exocet Boards

Exocet is a windsurfing brand that offers complete lineup of Windsurfing and Windsup boards since 2000. Designed and owned by Patrice Belbeoc and Jean Marie Guiriec of France. Patrice is a former world champion while Jean Marie is a composite technician and former racer. Patrice designed and built custom boards that he raced and eventually hooked up with with Jean Marie in 1993 to start their own custom boards. In 2000 they started building their own Exocet brand production boards in Thailand. Their innovative designs include the hugely successful Kona brand designs along with the industry leading WindSUP series of crossover wind / sup designs. Exocet has a history of developing performance and functional designs that excel in a wide range of windsurfing disciplines. From racing to wave sailing to recreational entry level designs, there are many options to choose from in Exocet's line­up. 

Isthmus Sailboards have been carrying Exocet since its early beginnings in 2001. We currently carry Exocet: Windsup, and Link (as well as Kona) X­cross, Nano, and Twixx and continue to offer more as innovations continue. Contact Isthmus Sailboards for any and all of your Exocet board needs or interests. We'll be happy to investigate getting you a Exocet board if we don't have it or carry the model you are interested in. 

Here is a brief summary of the Exocet boards we carry. The WindSUP is a windsurfing and SUP board that works equally well in both disciplines. Its unique step tail, coupled with a wide nose and footstrap ready design makes it at home in both windsurfing growth potential and SUP flat water to small wave uses. The Link series applies a Soft EVA deck pad to many performance shapes for more user friendly learning experience (Link 11'8" is Windsup version with full EVA deck). X-Cross is a modern Freemove design for early planing, easy jibing, large wind range and great maneuverability. Nano series is a user friendly progressive freeride design ideal for first time short boarder and budget minded riders. The Twixx is a twin fin freeride board ideal for shallow waters and or small wave riding capabilities.

Exocet Windsurfing board