Slingshot Foiling

Slingshot foiling has been instrumental at designing and producing Wind, Wing and kite Foiling products that are both accessible to newcomers and at the top of the podium for expert level riders. Offering a wide range of Boards, Foils, Inflatable Wings, accessories and more – Slingshot is truly innovative and pioneers in their foil sports breath of product offerings and new developments for keeping water sport riders stoke alive and well.

Founded in 1999 by brothers Jeff and Tony Logosz, Slingshot Sports has always been about tinkering, exploring and finding the next great adventure. Growing up around the ski slopes of Utah, Jeff and Tony were on a constant search for their next rush of adrenaline. No matter where you were around their property, there was always some crazy shit going down. “We were mad scientists of weird boards and weird shapes, human CNC machines. Every once in a while we found something that really worked. It has come such a long way, but at the same time... nothing has changed.”- Tony Logosz.
Fast forward to today. Jeff and Tony instill that same spirit in the entire crew at Slingshot. Loaded with talented riders and designers. They continue to experiment with new shapes, new toys and new technologies - all in an effort to find the next great adventure.
Isthmus Sailboards offers a wide variety of Wind, Wing: boards, foils, accessories and parts to address all of your foil sports needs. Hoverglide foils, Phantasm performance foils, Wind and Wing foil boards, Inflatables boards, Wind-wings and more. Contact us for further information about Slingshot product options to suit your particular needs.