2021 Starboard Wingboard Foil Lite Tech

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On Sale - 35% Off - 5.8 size! Starboard's 5'8", 6'7" and 7'0" Wingboards are dedicated Wing foiling boards designed for easy and functional wing foiling. Lite Tech construction.

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Starboard Wingboard Foil 2021 board - A compact Wing Foiling board for easy, rapid growth wingfoiling.
Starboard designed this model to address those who want rapid progression in the WingFoiling discipline. Designed with a focus on early and easy take-off, comfortable balance while riding, easy touch down with fast relaunch. Thick volume is placed in the rails for stability – while the deck in standing area is thin for comfort and control. Compact and loaded with features – the round nose, boxy rails, high volume tail, Flat tail rocker, Channel bottom, and cut-away tail all enhance rider comfort control and confidence! With 4 sizes to choose from and 2 constructions – the new Wingboard Foil will offer a board to fit all skill level riders and boost their confidence in wing foiling performance and growth.
7'0" = Is the most stable size for heavier riders up to 110kg and those wanting extra stability. The longer length increases the glide and speed to get flying.
6'7" = Is the mid-size, an ideal balance between stability, glide, and maneuverability for riders up to 95kg.
5'8" = Short length and narrow width at 25” is a performance size for intermediate to advanced riders up to 85kg.
4'6" = s the smallest size and most maneuverable model for advanced and lightweight riders up to 75kg.

- Wingfoiling specific designs.
- 4 size options, 7', 6'7", 5'8" and 4'6"
- 2 Constructions: LiteTech, Blue Carbon
- ROUND NOSE - forgiving on touchdowns.
- RECESSED DECK - improves stability with a lower center of gravity.
- DRAINAGE CHANNELS – Tail allows water drain out immediately once foiling.
- BOXY RAILS - Volume in rails for float and stability - allow for narrower and shorter board.
- HIGH VOLUME TAIL – to increase float and comfort in tail.
- FLAT TAIL ROCKER - And sharp rails forward increase ground speed until take off.
- CHANNEL BOTTOM - Helps to pump, rock the board into release, and also helps for stability.
- CUTAWAY TAIL – For early release and reduces rail catching in the turns.
- CARRY HANDLE - On bottom of the board for ease of carry board with foil.
- Track Box – Twin A-box foil mount system.
- FOIL POSITION - Is optimized to provide early lift and very balanced trim when up and riding.
- FOOTSTRAP INSERTS – Optimal placement in the right spot to trim the board.
*Footstraps do not come with the board.

Board Sizes:
7’0” x 30” – 213 x 75 cm, 140 L. LITE TECH: 9.4 kg (est), BLUE CARBON: 7.9 kg (est)
6’7” x 28” – 200 x 71 cm, 115 L. LITE TECH: 8.7 kg (est), BLUE CARBON: 7.3 kg (est)
5’8″ x 25″ – 173 x 64 cm, 88 L. LITE TECH: 7.9 kg (est), BLUE CARBON: 6.5 kg (est)
4’6″ x 25″ – 137 x 64 cm, 69 L. LITE TECH: 6.8 kg (est), BLUE CARBON: 5.2 kg (est)

LITE TECH = LIGHT, STRONG, AFFORDABLE. Extra rigidity with the introduction of unidirectional stringer bands and solid with added rail / nose reinforcements. Australian pine on standing area for extra impact resistance and rigidity in the most critical area. All inserts have added high-density foam reinforcements.

NEW BLUE CARBON = LIGHTWEIGHT, 2x FULL CARBON, STRONG AND DURABLE. Full wrap of 150g Biaxial Carbon for its durable skin and strength, combined with a full UD Carbon wrap for additional stiffness and total breakage strength. Extra glass reinforcements are positioned in the critical standing area to prevent heel dents and for extra strength over sharp edges. New extra reinforced foil box uses a large PVC plate sandwiched between 2 x strong glass layers for the highest total breakage strength.

Experience Level:
Experience Level:
Progressing Beginner
Experience Level:
Experience Level:
Advancing Intermediate
Board Size Ranges:
Small (100-139 Liters)
Board Size Ranges:
Medium (140-179 Liters)