2023 Fanatic Stingray Foil LTD

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On Sale! Fanatic Stingray Foil is both a Wind and Wing-Foiling board. Ideal choice for a multi-sport Foiling user board - 3 size options. LTD construction.

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Board Category: Wind and Wing Foiling board

Fanatic Stingray Foil LTD – Multi Sport Foiling board for Windfoiling and Wing foiling use!
Fanatic Stingray LTD provides two disciplines in one – wind and Wing foiling board. Due to its foil-optimized outline it delivers a great freeride performance in both disciplines. A large deck pad covers the entire stance area and provides a safe stand. This board is equipped with two box systems to allow for Foil Box connection or Track Box (Pedistal Mount) connections. Thanks to the versatile mounting options the foil-dedicated Stingray Foil LTD is very adaptable to various types of foils, sail sizes or rider skills and is the perfect choice if you want to reach the next level of foiling!

- Available in 3 size options: 115, 130 and 145 ltr.
- LTD – BXF / Biax Fiber construction – light and durable.
- Multi-Sport use = Suited for Wind Foiling as well as Wing Foiling.
- Parallel outline - Boosted width and parallel rails for comfort and performance.
- Beveled rails - for forgiving landings and neutral behavior in jibes and tacks.
- Cut-Outs in tail section of the biggest size (145l) to reduce tail surface for better planning.
- A deck pad covers the entire stance area for Wind- or Wing Foiling.
- Mini carry handle on the bottom for optimized handling & transportation.
- Mast box - Extra long mast box to meet sail types and styles and proper trim with multiple foil styles.
- Both Track Box and Foil box system to meet demands of Wing and Windfoil attachments>
- Multiple footstrap options for Wind- or Wing Foiling.
- Footstraps included - 3-4x’s Comfortable and easy to adjust Fanatic Premium Footstraps.
- Leash Plug – for wingfoil use.

Size / Specs:
115 L = 204 x 70 cm, 8.85 kg / 19.5 lbs
130 L = 209 x 76 cm, 9.5 kg / 21 lbs
145 L = 214 c 85 cm, 9.95 kg / 21.9 lbs
*115 – non stocking - available via special order – please call to order.

BXF- Biax Fiber / Full PVC sandwich Light Finish Technology. When combined with the sandwich construction, this high quality Full Biax Glass and full PVC specification provides an optimized weight / stiffness / flex ratio. Absorbs force from impact extremely well due to 45 / 45 degree weave, and achieves maximum strength via an extra layer of fibers on top with a 90 degree weave. Light and durable. Full PVC construction. Biax Glass T-Stringer for maximum stiffness. Light weight finish.
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