2024 Ezzy Cross

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The New 2024 Ezzy Cross targets both Windfoiling and freeriding sail performance. 5 battens, ultra light weight and versatile sail!
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Ezzy Cross 2024 Sail

Sail Category: Wind-foiling, Freeride, Cross-Over

2024 Ezzy Cross sail - A Cross over – Foil and Freeride Sail in One.
This Cross model sail is a Windsurf to Foil with One Sail design. It’s unique leech design keeps the foot batten the longest point of the sail. The 4.7 and smaller high wind sails have the same length foot batten – but the roach of the sail is dramatically reduced above the boom to maintain as much control and stability as possible in stronger wind conditions. It’s ideal for those looking for both a freeride no-cam fin driven sail AND a light weight easy to use Wind-Foiling sail all in one.
David Ezzy needed one sail that would satisfy his two loves, foiling and windsurfing. He took what he learned from the past 4 years of foiling and combined it with his 40 years of wave and freeriding to come up with the Cross. How does the Cross achieve high performance for both foiling and regular windsurfing? The Cross can be rigged flat with a shallow yet defined profile for foiling OR rigged full with a deep, forward profile for freeride and bump-n-jump. The settings are easy to see with Ezzy’s calibrated downhaul gauge that distinguishes both Fin & Foil settings. David realized that the traditional method of scaling sails resulted in boom lengths that are too short on the small sails. Which is why small sails under 4.0 usually have an on/off feeling. The Cross addresses this by keeping the boom length the same for the 4.7 and smaller. This smooths out the smaller sizes and gives them excellent stability not only on the foil but also for regular windsurfing. This also eliminates the need to purchase a shorter boom for the smaller sizes.
This sail is designed to be very light and stable. Its 5 batten design coupled with Spectra X-ply, Dyneema and Technora sail material and short luff lengths help keep the sail light, compact and stable. The foot shape lays in between the Cheetah and the Wave, while the clew area below the boom is more extended.

- Windfoiling sail design.
- A Cross Over design that works for both Freeriding (w/fin) and Windfoiling.
- Large sail size options: 2.8, 3.4, 4.0, 4.7, 5.2, 5.7, 6.7, 8.0
- Very Light Weight Sails; from 5.35 lb – 9.24 lb / 2.43 kg – 4.2 kg.
- For Freeriding use – the Cross 4.7 complements the Cheetah series for smaller sail sizes below 5.5.
- Short luff lengths help keep the sail light, compact and stable.
- 5 batten layout on all sizes.
- RBS Epoxy custom battens throughout.
- Spectra X-ply, Dyneema and Technora sail material.
- Dyneema reinforced window.
- No – Monofilm.
- Weft-Stop anti-rip Mast sleeve cloth – improves performance.
- Calibrated downhaul gauge – for proper tuning for type of use (Wind vs Foil).
- 3 Pulley Stainless tack fitting.
- Heavy Duty mast pad with mesh pocket and batten tension tool.
- Top haul system with short and long straps included.
- NEW male pin top haul connection for 2022.
- Heavy duty sail bag with vented end.
- Built to last.

Size Options:
2.8, 3.4, 4.0, 4.7, 5.2, 5.7, 6.7, 8.0

Color Options:
Green/White, Orange/Orange

Construction / Materials
Spectra X-ply, Dyneema and Technora sail material. Weft-Stop anti-rip Mast sleeve cloth. RBS Epoxy Battens throughout for stiffness, Durability and performance.

For Foiling - How does the Cross compare to the last years Hydra and Hydra pro?
- Lighter then both the Hydra and the Pro.
- Similar Low-end Power.
- More stability vs Hydra – Similar stability vs the Pro.
- More speed vs Hydra – slightly less speed vs the Pro.
- Similar handling to the Hydra – Easier handling vs the Pro.

* Special Ezzy Sail Quiver discounts available – please call for more information.
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