2024 Ezzy Legacy Windsurf Sail

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Isthmus Best Seller! The Ezzy Legacy is a freeride and freewave no cam windsurf sail – loaded with features, X-ply construction, Ezzy legendary build quality, design and value!
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Sail Category: Freeride / Freewave

Ezzy Legacy - "Simplicity meets performance"
The Legacy is an excellent sail for freeriding, bump-n-jump and freewave use. Full x-ply sail cloth construction with no-monofilm. It's durable and packs a lot of punch for the dollar. Excellent wind range and loaded with features, this economical priced Ezzy sail is ideal for those who expect Ezzy's reputation, build quality and performance. The difference is David eliminates some of the extra bells and whistles of his premier line while still delivering sublime performance and durability. The Small sizes favor bump-n-jump and wave sailing while the larger sizes target freeride performance. The Legacy is a great performance and value sail for the price!

Legacy Sail Features:
- No-cam sail.
- 5 battens 4.2-5.8 sizes
- 6 battens 6.5-7.5 sizes
- RBS battens in strategic locations for added strength.
- High density Spectra X-ply sail cloth in tack area.
- Progressive batten spacing = smoother twist properties.
- Spectra X-ply and vinyl window = No Monofilm.
- Built in Tack pulley.
- Built in Mast pad.
- Adjustable top haul /cap system (Short strap only).
- Includes Sail bag!
- Built to last.

4.2, 4.7, 5.2, 5.5, 5.8, 6.5, 7.5

Colors: 2024 options
Yellow/Green, Red/Teal, Red/Blue(greenish), Blue/Violet
Order listed = mast sleeve/upper sail color panel
*Colors change based on sail cloth A quality overstock that Ezzy purchases to produce these high quality sails and keep pricing down. current sail colors shown are in-stock or expected to arrive soon.

Please email or let us know via NOTES section on web orders for your preference in color. Give us a few options and not all colors available in every size. Otherwise place order via phone and we can investigate what colors are available for size(s) you desire.

*Isthmus Sailboards offers special discounts for Ezzy Sail quiver purchases (2 or more 2022 sails purchased at same time). Call us @ 1-800-473-1153 for further details.

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