2024 Ezzy Wave

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The Ezzy Wave 2024 is Ezzy top allround Wave sail with tons of direct power on the larger sizes and an extended clew length on the smaller (below 4.0) for aiding stability. One of the lightest wave sails available anywhere. A wave sail for all conditions!
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Ezzy Wave 2024 Sail

Category: Wave – Bump-n-Jump – All rounder

Ezzy Wave 2024 - The Only Wave Sail You Need
This Ezzy Wave sail has a refined luff curve, battens slightly pulled back from the luff, new outline especially on the smaller sails 4.0 and below, Larger x-ply window area, a wide range of sizes to choose from. Per usual – the Ezzy sails are built to last!
This Ezzy Wave is a high performance sail that provides early planing and power for onshore conditions as well as dynamic maneuverability and handling for side-shore conditions. It maneuvers equally well on the wave as in the jumps and jibes. It is one of the lightest sails in the market (4.7 = just under 3kg). The larger sizes have more direct power delivery and get going faster when the wind is light. The 4.0 and down have an extended clew for better stability – most noticeable for jumping and higher / gusty winds. The battens are slightly pulled back from the luff. This is very subtle, but the effect is that the sail depowers and flips more easily-a subtle difference but with a big upside that you can really feel. The 5.8 and 6.3 have 5 battens vs 4 battens of other size. This was done as David Ezzy found that all the sails need to have a roughly similar distance between the battens, which means that the 5.8 and 6.3 needed another batten.
Quality means a sail that you can trust. When you go out on that big day—that day where you feel excitement in the back of your throat—you can trust your sail, and you can focus on your windsurfing. Quality means that when you're ready for new sails, you can sell your used sails to help with new purchase. * Quality is the core of the Ezzy philosophy.

- Top Model Wave and b-n-j design.
- 3 color options: White, Green, Orange
- Large sail size options from 2.8-6.3
- 4 batten 2.8-5.5, 5 batten 5.8, 6.3
- Larger X-ply window
- Ezzy innovative Sail materials and fittings – that are 2nd to none
- Full X-ply sail
- Sail cloth: Tri-Lite Scrim, Spectra X-ply, double X-ply, Technora
- Ezzy Sail materials used for: Strength, Weight reduction, UV resistance and Durability
- Unique Calibrated downhaul system to ensure perfect and easy rigging / tuning for all conditions.
- Ezzy’s Stainless 3-pulley block is the strongest and best in the business.
- Male Pin top system for easy plug in mast tip and rigging ease.
- Adjustable top haul strap for all sizes
- Every Ezzy sail is Made in Ezzy’s own Factory in Sri Lanka.
- Every sail goes through a 3 step process of inspection – then it’s rigged b4 it’s approval to for sale.

Sizing Options:
2.8, 3.0, 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.2, 5.5, 5.8, 6.3

Color Options:
- White (black mast sleeve)
- Green (Yellow mast sleeve)
- Orange (Orange mast sleeve)

Recommended Masts:
Ezzy Hookipa 90% RDM, Ezzy Legacy 60%, Great alternative masts = GT RDM 90, GT 60 RDM.

* Call for 2 or more Ezzy sail purchase at same time – qualifies for additional Quiver discounts.
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