Chinook Carbon 70 RDM

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RDM 70% carbon mast with Texalium wrap for enhansed performance and value.
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Category: Masts – RDM

Chinook C70 RDM – 70% carbon mast with Texalium Wrap.
This new mast option from Chinook features increased carbon content (over C60 RDM) and a full Texalium Wrap. The Texalium wrap protects the carbon from UV, abrasion and impact. 70% carbon – offers excellent reflex response to increase your sails performance without at a fantastic value! The 63/77 mast bend is a constant curve bend that works great for a very large variety of sail brands in the industry.

- 70% carbon.
- RDM mast diameter.
- Texalium wrap mast construction.
- 63/77 mast bend.
- Sizes – 340-460 available.
- Weighs btwn 3.85 – 5.45 lbs. (based on size)
- Works well with most sail brands on the market today.
- Sold With-Out a mast bag. Available seperately.

Size options:
340, 370, 400, 430, 460ccm.

70% carbon prepeg with Texalium wrap fopr aiding greater durablity, UV resistance and abrasion.