Duotone Sky Free & Slick Wing w/ RRD Blaze 1550 Wing Foil Package

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The Duotone Sky Free wing foil board package is excellent for all round package. coupled with Duotone Slick wing, AL boom, RRD Blaze 1550 performance foil, Pump, leash. VST construction.
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Duotone Sky Free 2024 board

Wing Board Category: Wing Foil all rounder

Duotone Sky Free 2024 Wing Foil Board – From Zero to Hero Wing foiling.
The new Sky Free is a wing foil board ideal for easy learning and rapid progression. The compact sizing appeals to all levels of riders including advanced riders in lighter wind conditions. The rocker line allows for rapid and efficient foiling. This board incorporates a new feature of moderate rail bevels that helps to pump the board out of the water more easily and reduces drag through more parallel bottom contours for incredibly early starts. The deck recess boosts stability and the extra volume in the nose section helps learners to keep the nose up, but also recovers from nose dives of experienced wingers when landing their first jumps. The Sky Free takes you all the way from zero to hero!

- 5’7”, 5’9” (170, 175cm).
- Construction = Vacuum Sandwich Technology.
- Shape = Large to medium size shapes for entry to intermediate level Wingers looking for the best possible board to get started and progress from the lightest breeze to medium winds.
- Recessed Deck = Recessed deck shape for stability, control and a direct connection with the foil.
- Nose = High Volume nose section for great stability in starts and when landing jumps.
- Rocker Line = Low, lean rocker line with great glide and stability for the earliest take-off possible.
- Beveled Rails: Slightly bevelled rails for maximum clearance in carves and jibes and easier release when pumping up.
- Outline = Sharp release edges in tail with parallel bottom outline contours through the mid-section for early take off and uninterrupted glide in landings and touch downs.
- Track Box = 2x’s for foil attachment.
- Bottom Handle = for easy access to carrying.
- Foot Straps = 3 X Duotone Foot straps.
- Foot strap Inserts = Double screw inserts for back strap.Foot strap inserts for double front strap, single diagonal front strap or straight single front strap.

- EVA = Full deck pad with tail kick for grip, comfort and support behind your back foot during starts – slightly thicker and softer vs. 2023 Sky Free pad.

Size / Specs:
5’7” = 115 L, 5’7” x 28” (170/71 cm), 7.47 kg
5’9” = 125 L, 5’9” x 29 (175/73 cm), 7.77 kg

Vacuum Sandwich Technology (Original Technology). Our Vacuum Sandwich technology combines a solid construction with great performance. Made in a complex multi-step vacuum process with multiple reinforcements in stress areas such as boxes, center spine and a full bamboo patch in the entire stance area with additional carbon patches under the heels and extra rail bands around the rails. The rising level in wing foiling led us inevitably to multiple refinements of this layup over the years to make it strong without being excessive on the weight.

Duotone Slick Wing 2024

Category: WindWings – Inflatable Wings – Boom Model

2024 Duotone Slick Foil Wing – boom model - outstanding performance and absolute control!
The new Duotone Slick features improved draft stability through a refined panel layout with enhanced canopy tension and wing profiling. 8 size options for 2024 from 3.0-6.5. The Wings Mini-Boom design – requires you to purchase a Duotone mini boom of your choice (sold separately: Alloy oval grip, or Platinum Carbon 25mmm grip) for one boom size fits all of the Slick wings. The wing specific MOD3 canopy offers durability and instantaneous power output. The refined panel layout enhances draft stability, eliminating the need to adjust hand positions during gusts.  The rounded outline recovers easily from tip strikes. With instant power delivery, the Slick remains light, neutral, and effortless when being flagged out on a wave. With superior top-end control and de-powering capabilities, the 2024 Slick is a versatile wing designed to withstand the demands of freeride and freestyle, ensuring an elevated Wing Foiling experience with advanced features for maximum performance and control.

- 8 size options available= 3.0-6.5 m2.
- Proven Mini Boom Model design = mini boom sold Separately (not included).
- Ultimate hand placement options.
- Improved draft stability.
- Refined panel Layout for a smoother and more direct power delivery. - Enhanced Canopy tension and wing profile.
- Rounded Outline – recovers easily from tip strikes.
- Superior top-end control and power.
- Consistent power distribution through gusts and lulls.
- Reduced wingspan in smaller sizes.
- Improved Strut Shape = Ergonomic strut shape.
- Improved draft stability.
- MOD3 = Canopy material for improved power, durability and stability (see images).
- Refined canopy tension over the entire canopy.
- Segmented front tube for great stiffness and flex behavior.
- Improved window design for safety and comfort.
- The new backpack makes packing and carrying your Slick as easy as it gets and stores your wing in style.
- New Wing Bag – included.

Size Options:
3 / 3.5 / 4 /4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5

Size / Wind Range / Wt kg / Wing Span / Inflation Pressure / Control Type:

3.0 / 19-37 knots / tbd kg / 265 cm / 10 PSI / Mini boom
3.5 / 16-33 knots / tbd kg / 284 cm / 9 PSI / Mini boom
4.0 / 14-30 knots / tbd kg / 297 cm / 8.5 PSI / Mini boom
4.5 / 12-28 knots / tbd kg / 315 cm / 8.0 PSI / Mini boom
5.0 / 10-25 knots / tbd kg / 331 cm / 8.0 PSI / Mini boom
5.5 / 9-22 knots / tbd kg / 358 cm / 7.5 PSI / Mini boom
6.0 / 8-20 knots / tbd kg / 363 cm / 7.0 psi / Mini boom
6.5 / 7-18 knots / tbd kg / 378 cm / 7.0 psi / Mini boom

*Stocking 4.0-6.5 – call to order other size options

Color Options:
C07: Lime/dark-grey

C08: Turquoise/coral

Mini-Boom Silver is Included in this package =  Miniboom Silver (Alloy oval grip)
Mini-boom Platinum SLS (Carbon round 25 mm grip) for an extra $150 (call for this option)

A Wing Leash Is included

Pump is  included – Duotone Pump

RRD Blaze 1550 ALU FOIL SET Y27 - Maneuverable - smooth - efficient flight for hi-performance!
The new BLAZE set runs with the evolution of foiling. Its extraordinary efficiency and glide allow you to do everything effortlessly whether it is Wing, Surf or Kite foiling. The Blaze wings are designed to bring you to the peak of your performance, with a 6.5 aspect ratio you gain the speed but also the maneuverability you are dreaming of. The new rear wings maximize acceleration and control. The Blaze wings fit inside a well-tested and proven fuselage to mast system that offers the best compromise of stiffness and lightness. RRD’s aluminum mast is 100% safe with new added side screws which ensure that every single component of the foil is 100% safe with no risk of breakage or loss. With this set you can truly push yourself further without any risk.
The BLAZE ALU 1550 gives a pure effortlessly feel. You can glide for long distances enjoying the pleasure of pumping the foil, surfing the waves or having blasting rides with a wing. Appreciate its incredible maneuverability and smooth efficient flight. Use it for wing, surf, downwinders and kite. For medium to heavy weight riders.
The new full carbon BLAZE is RRD’s new concept of hi performance front wing. RRD has worked on an improved profile to achieve maximum efficiency and glide. Due to its reduced thickness and chord you get more control at higher speed, coupled with the new Blaze carbon rear wing you gain a pure performance foil. The Blaze is the first choice for RRD’s World Cup riders due to its unique acceleration and maneuverability. It is proving itself by winning World Cup disciplines on multiple levels – from Racing to Freestyle to waves! Performance that’s now available to the consumers as well – experience this hi performance Blaze foil for yourself!

- Blaze 1550 Foil set – targets heavier riders / performance, or lighter riders seeking efficiency.
- New 1550cm2 full carbon Blaze front wing (97.5 cm span width).
- New 215 cm2 carbon Blaze rear wing (41cm span width).
- New 30% stiffer and lighter aluminum mast with integrate plate.
- New redesigned 76 cm light Universal fuselage.
- Solid connection using 8 mm diameter Torx screws and helicoil threads for mast, fuselage and wings adding 6 mm sideways telescope screws to secure the mast at the top plate and fuselage. A reliable, strong and quick to assemble/disassemble connection.
| - New wider Hi density plastic mast foot connector/adapter for improved lateral stiffness. No oxidation between mast and fuselage.
- Each component (wings / mast / fuselage) come with an EVA Cover with Velcro to fasten it inside a bag.
* RRD foil set bag sold separately

Specs / Sizing:
Blaze 1550 Foil Set
Front Carbon Wing = 1550 cm2 area, 97.5 cm span
Rear Stabilizer = 214 cm2 area, 41 cm span
Universal ALU Fuselage = 76 cm
AL Mast = 85 cm w top plate mounted
Pedestal Mount – Aluminum.
* Foil Set Includes: Mounting hardware set = M8 Torx Screws & Key Set, M6 Telescope screws & Key Set. (see images)

Blaze Y27 AL Foil Construction
Full Carbon Wing and Stabilizers =
The new full carbon / two phase molded light foam core technology makes it light as a feather and feels incredibly alive and packed with performance. Due to its reduced thickness and chord you get more control at higher speed, coupled with the new Blaze carbon rear wing you gain a pure performance foil. The Blaze is the first choice for RRD’s World Cup riders due to its unique acceleration and maneuverability.
New ALU 85 Mast=
In order to increase both lateral and torsional stiffness of the ALU mast, RRD has redesigned a new mast profile and mold. The new mast now has a maximum thickness of 18mm and its profile is also proportionally thicker towards the trailing edge in order to minimize twist. Also featured is a new middle stringer structure in between the two screws that have allowed a higher lateral stiffness. The incorporated top plate is smaller and shorter than the Y25 ALU MAST resulting in a lighter weight. The new ALU mast has an unparalleled TWIST of only 2,2 cms, feeling as torsional stiff as a full hi-modulus M40J Carbon mast !!!
New Fuselage - The new Universal fuselage has an extra wide head area to carry and support super wide wings (up to 120 cm wingspan and 2500 sq cm) and entirely redesigned for maximum lightweight. Its new wider middle and front section design can sustain higher flex pressure and torsion pressure from the input of the mast and front wing and offers an improved level of stiffness. Lighter and stiffer!


Experience Level:
Progressing Beginner
Experience Level:
Experience Level:
Advancing Intermediate
Experience Level:
Experience Level:
Board Size Ranges:
X-Small (70-99 Liters)
Board Size Ranges:
Small (100-139 Liters)