Exocet Link L

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Just arrived! Excellent entry to intermediate board for learning and progression. Ideal for families and schools where advancing skills are accommodated. ASA /EVA construction.
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Board Category: Entry / Family / Recreational

Exocet Link L - "Learning and progression made Easy"
The Link is designed to make windsurfing easy, accessible and facilitate progression to advanced skills. The Link L will favor large range of riders learning due to its 220 liters of volume. Ideal for the family and schools where progreaaion and advancing skills desire a moderate width board. New graphics for 2022! At 31.1" width it will promote good upwind tracking and jibing capabilities. It comes with a retractable daggerboard system that aids stability when learning and up-wind sailing capabilities when engaged in the water. When retracted into the hull it can accelerate onto a plane easily and is a foot steering capable board. A full EVA Deck pad covers the deck and rails fo the board and adds protection to the board and your body when you fall, climb on the board and if you bump the board into objects. The board also includes ia set of 4 comfortable footstraps. When ready for footstrap use, the multiple insert locations can help with learning to use straps and allow advanced positions for more skilled riders. With its AST hull construction it has great durability to weigh ratios. Exocet incorporates an ASA outer skin with Epoxy fiberglass and wood patch molded construction. Excellent board option for learning and progression at an excellent price!

LINK L Features:
- New Graphics!
- Full EVA Deck Pad.
- AST construction = w/ ASA outer skin.
- 220 liters of volume.
- 31.1" width.
- Multiple footstrap inserts.
- 61 cm Daggerboard.
- Powerbox fin system.
- 34 cm Plastic power base fin.
- 4 footstraps included.

9'10" (300cm) x 31.1" (80cm) x 220 liters, weight 15.5 kg/ 34.2 lbs.

LINK AST - Molded, AST One shot with EVA full deck. Fiberglass & matt fiber construction recovered with ASA skin on deck and bottom. EPS core. ASA sheet, Fiberglass # 60gr wrap, Wood 0.6mm & Matt # 360gr patch, layers of Matt # 360gr over EPS Core. Durable and user friendly.
SKU AE60383
Experience Level:
Experience Level:
Progressing Beginner
Board Size Ranges:
X- Large (215-300 Liters)