Ezzy Dacron Kids Rig

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The ideal kids rig. Dacron version of the best kids rig on the planet, aids durability and visibility. 1.0 / 1.5 or 2.0 / 2.5 size quiver options.
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Ezzy Dacron Kids Rig Quivers 1.0/1.5 or 2.0/2.5 "Let the Windsurfing journey begin"
These Dacron Ezzy Kids Sails with complete rigging are ideal for kids learning how to windsurf and more importantly succeeding! The Dacron sail construction provides increased: viability, UV resistance and are excellent for more carefree use and abuse including schools/ summer camp use. Ideal size and weight to maximize rapid skill development and success for most kids up to 12 yrs of age. The sail features Endo Batten seam construction with REAL seam shaping that sets an exact profile in the sail shape. 2-ply leech, reinforced grommets, built in mast pad and webbing loop instead of a mast sleeve to make it easier to uphaul. This Compact sail and rig design allows for excellent board steering, rig control and building confidence in young riders. Available in 1.0/1.5 or 2.0/2.5 quiver kits. Sail colors vary and can change with each shipment.

Rig Options Include:
- Two sails (1.0/1.5 or 2.0/2.5 quiver options)
- Endo batten design & 3 batten sails (1.0 is 2 battens)
- Mast = Adjustable and light weight two-piece Aluminum mast.
- Boom - Aluminum clamp-on adjustable with small diameter grip
- Base Extension = EP fixed.
- Base = 1-bolt EP base
- Uphaul
- Carrying case / bag.

- Colors vary – but each size has its own contrasting color.

Size Options:
1.0 / 1.5 sail combo – ideal for kids under 60 lbs. (5-8 yr olds)
2.0 / 2.5 sail combo – ideal for kids 60 – 100 lbs. (9-12 yr olds)

Testiominal for this rig:
Took the kid out today for his first windsurf lesson. I was only expecting to teach him four things.
1. how to get on the board
2. how to raise the rig
3. how to turn the board
4. how to sheet in and go.

I didn't expect to get beyond that. Within an hour Neal was sailing out on his own, turning around and returning. I was totally blown away. In all the years I had instructed students on how to windsurf this had never happened on the first day much less an hour.
I contribute all of this to your rig. It is incredibly suited to his age. He never had a problem uphauling or handling the rig. His enthusiasm for windsurfing wasn't as much as his dads before we went out today but his last words before he went to bed were - "Soon I will be better than you".
I'm sure I sold a few kids sails before leaving the beach today. The park was extremely crowded and I was asked several times about the rig for Neal. Several other windsurfers present were also very impressed with Neal's progress.
David Ezzy - Thanks for the great rig. It works wonders. :o)
David and Neal Black
Tampa, FL
Experience Level:
Experience Level:
Progressing Beginner