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Review of Kona One vs. RRD Longrider

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Kona One: The ultimate in multi-purpose board performance
We offer the Kona One with 2 rig options: Ezzy Zephyr 7.5 and Gaastra Hybrid HD rigs 4.5-6.8. The Kona One board blends freeride, freestyle and long board racing elements of the windsurfing into one successful plug and play board. Its subtle shape combines stability, control, maneuverability, and excellent sub planning performance. Cruising and racing in all conditions becomes a thrill and performing classic tricks becomes a breeze. It also functions as a stand-up paddle board and surf board. This is an ideal multi-purposed windsurfing toy that's fun and challenging in 3 - 20+ mph winds.

Step Tail - Full EVA Deck - Full Epoxy construction with ASA bottom skin - 65 cm fiberglass foam filled dagger board - 46 cm Freeride fin - Powerbox fin system - 4x's Lightweight footstraps.

350 x 70 cm length and width, 220 liters, 34 lbs.
AST - Expanding Epoxy Resin / 400g Glass sandwich / Half deck Wood layer, EPS core, EVA full deck.

Gaastra Hybrid-HD Rig:
Targets– Advanced beginners to Intermediate “All Round Performance”
The new Gaastra Hybrid HD recreational freeride sail is packaged with high quality components to provide you with exceptional performance and value in a freeride rig. This is Gaastra's convertible sail range that targets progressive intermediate to advanced skilled riders. All sizes are Full HD (Heavy Duty x-ply) construction (US only) to ensure durability, quality and performance. It gets the "convertible" tag due to variation in batten configuration and sail shape by size. The small size 4.7 feature 4 battens - flat water to wave use and maneuverability. The mid sizes sails 5.2-6.4 feature 5 battens targeting more freeride bump-n-jump type use = stability with power.
Rig components include; Gaastra C30 - 30% RDM (400 (4.7,5.2) 430 (5.6, 6.4, 6.7). GA Wave / Freeride AL T-8 Boom (140-190 cm =4.7-5.6 sails, 170-220 = 6.4 sail), Aeron 1-bolt EP tendon base, GA RDM AL 35 cm EP extension, Bungee uphaul, GA All in One Bag, sail bag, padded mast bag.
Rig Size Options:
4.7, 5.2, 5.6, 6.4
Colors: C1 (blue), C3 (red)

Ezzy Zephyr Rig: Big sail power, Small sail feel, Light weight and fun!
The Ezzy Zephyr is a sail with amazing performance in light to moderate wind conditions that's ideal for new school long boards, SUP's and freeride boards . Full Spectra X-ply sail cloth with 6x's RBS battens and Ezzy legendary build quality. It takes us back when you could go out in 10 knots or less and have a really fun time. The long boom length combined with the stable profile gives the Zephyr the power of an 8.5 and the control of a 6.5. It is light and easy to throw around.
Rig components include; RRD Avant AL 180-240 boom, GT C60 60% carbon mast, Aeron AL EP extension, Aeron1-bolt EP base, and uphaul.
Rig Size Options:
Colors: Yellow, Red, Black

Note: Rig component substitutions of equal value may take place, based on availability.



Kona One Package

Prices reduced with Hybrid HD rig. A multi-purpose performance longboard package, combines freeride and long board excitement with performance rig options.
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One w/Hybrid HD 5.2 Rig
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One w/Ezzy Legacy 5.5 Rig
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One w/Ezzy Legacy 5.8 Rig
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One w/Ezzy Legacy 6.5 Rig
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One w/Ezzy Legacy 7.5 Rig
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