2023 Ezzy Cheetah Rig

2023 Ezzy Cheetah Rig

RRD FIRE Y26 6.3

RRD FIRE Y26 6.3


IN STOCK! New Compact X-TRA Y27 Rig is the easiest and most accessible Compact Freeride Sail from RRD. 5 batten sail that fits in a back pack. Includes Freeride HD Rig Kit.
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RRD Compact X-TRA Y27 w/ HD Rig Kit– User Friendly Compact Freeride Rig in a back pack
RRD has designed this X-Tra Y27 Compact X-TRA as the easiest and most accessible of their performance Freeride Compact Sails. Super light weight, yet large adaptive tuning and versatile range. This is a 5 batten freeride sail that fits in a back pack with an ease of use and lightness that make windsurfing as easy as possible. The 5 batten profile is ideal for a wide range of rider styles and abilities. Available in 4 sizes 5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5 and designed to fit the Compact freeride HD rig pack, you can load up to 3 sails and rig into a back pack for easy storage and easy portability. This is the future.

The sails are carefully designed to fold in half for ultra portability (A). Our unique batten system allows quick release of the tension (B) and a split in the center allows for easy folding (C). A Dacron strip running now the middle of the sail gives a heavy duty folding section (D), allowing the sail to fold and roll and pack up half the size (E). Each backpack can fit up to 3 sails inside.(See slide image above for details).

Sail Features:
- 4 sail sizes to choose from: 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5.
- All sails Fold and fit into a back-pack.
- 5.0-6.5 – 5 battens – have Improved control and maneuverability.
- New quick release Compact Series batten tensioners to speed up rigging and de-rigging.
- New additional stretch control seam through the window for improved stability.
- Compact Series Batten Tensioner – for even easier and quicker rigging.
- Kevlar reinforced anti stretch seams incorporated into the batten pocket construction.
- Diagonal load bearing seams to control Dacron stretch in the main power zone.
- 2 part batten with high grade aluminum joint – Providing a durable connection and ease of use when folding.
- Performance construction – Complex mix of materials throughout the sail to give the perfect blend of light weight, strength and style.

Xtra Compact Y27 Sail Size Options:
5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5

*Note- Additional sail sizes are available to order separately. All sizes sails rig on the same Freeride Rig Kit. Please contact us for individual sail purchase info.
HD Rig Kit Features:
Compact Freeride Pack HD Rig Kit:
Mast = C80 5 pc RDM 370-430 = 80% carbon.
New Boom = 170-220 29mm grip T9 Alloy with RDM boom head (4 pc boom) - push pin arm connection = flush smooth boom grip (no external pin lock clip in mid-section of boom.
Extension = RDM 35 cm Alloy EP
1 – bolt Cardan EP base
Rig Backpack (non-Wheel)
Brand RRD

Product Specific Specs:

Product BrandSKUrig_sail
RRD Compact Xtra HD Y27 5.0 RRDRDSF22CX7R50RRD Compact Xtra 5.0
RRD Compact Xtra HD Y27 5.5 RRDRDSF22CX7R55RRD Compact Xtra 5.5
RRD Compact Xtra HD Y27 6.0 RRDRDSF22CX7R60RRD Compact Xtra 6.0
RRD Compact Xtra HD Y27 6.5 RRDRDSF22CX7R65RRD Compact Xtra 6.5
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