Select Focus Weed US Base

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New Select Focus Weed Fin – is a weed fin that targets bump-n-jump and wave sailing conditions. Great option for smaller boards and sail sizes. US/ A box base. CNC G10.
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Select Focus Weed Fin

Fin Category: Weed – Bump n Jump

Fin Base Type: US / A Box

Select Focus Weed Fin – New – targets Wave and Freestyle Wave type boards
Select developed the new Focus Weed Fin as an anti-weed for your bump-n jump and wave boards. This weed fin targets Freestyle wave boards and Wave boards, for use in higher wind and wave locations. The Focus combines a stiff initial 38 degree angle of attack near the base and rapidly progresses to a 45 degree angle tip. This ensures the fin delivers great performance in shedding most weed types while allowing good speed and control. It’s a powerful and comfortable fin that provides good grip. Expect excellent performance in Wave All Round, On Shore, Side Shore and Bump-n Jump conditions. It’s available in Single, Twin, Tri and Quad fin options.

- New Weed fin
- 38 – 45 degree sweeping leading edge design
- Effective at shedding most weed types
- Ideal for Wave and b-n-j windsurfing conditions
- Targets smaller boards and higher winds
- Ideal for intermediate to expert level riders
- 24-28 cm = 3 box types: Power, US and Slot
- 18-22cm = 4 box types: Power, US, Slot and mini tuttle
- 8-10 cm (Thrusters) = 3 box types: US, Slot and mini tuttle
- CNC FR4.C / Hi-precision technology.
- Made in France.

18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28

Construction CNC Fr4. c / Hi-precision. SELECT «full CNC» fins are machined from FR4.C / High Density > High Strength prepreg sheets.