Select Hydrofoil Ride

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The Select Ride Freeride Windsurfing fin is an ideal performance fin option for BIC, Tahe and Fanatic boards with trim box system.
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Fin Category: Freerace – Trim Base (TR)

Select Hydrofoils – RIDE Freeride - Ideal for Techno and other Trim base boards. 
This is an excellent performance ideal for older Bic series boards with Trim base boxes and Bic 293 OD class with trim system. The double-curve outline generates comfort and handiness in any sailing condition. The Ride 46 has been developed for the BIC Techno 293. The extra sizes will equip the whole BIC Techno range. We are proud of our contribution to the worldwide success of the BIC 293 OD class ! *Stocking Deep Tuttle base and Trim base options.

- Molded Pre-preg.
- CNC Hi-precision shaping.
- Targets BOARD type : Tahe / Bic Techno and freeride boards.
- DOUBLE CURVE OUTLINE for increased maneuverability.
- BASE - Rigid fin base for stable power transmission.
- TWIST – Stiff twist for increasing the lift..
- FLEX - Soft flex for comfortable riding.
- Trim base.

Box Type:

TR = 43, 46, 50 cm

Technology: Molded pre-preg process.