Select S-Max Carbon Deep Tuttle

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New Select S-Max Carbon fin is a high performance slalom fin. For those seeking speed and hi-performance on Slalom and Freeriding boards of all sizes. DT base - Carbon construction.
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Select S-Max Carbon fins

Fin Category: Slalom Performance / Deep Tuttle (DT) base

Select S-Max Carbon fin = Ultimate speed and performance oriented slalom fin
The new S-max fins from Select are powerful and very fast carbon fins. Ideal for Slalom, Freerace and Freeride boards form 90-165 liters. These fins target intermediate to expert windsurfers seeking a high performance slalom fin for both competition and amateur use alike. This new generation fin combines the powerful S1 Pro and the V.Max v4 to maximize the best performance of both in one new S-Max fin. The S.MAX is a powerful and very fast full carbon high-performance slalom fin. Available in a huge range of sizes – from 29 – 57 cm. Also available in Deep Tuttle, Tuttle and Power Box base options.

- New Slalom fin design!
- Prepreg Carbon molded / hand-finished fin.
- Powerful new generation profile / Less drag.
- Extra strong and hard fin base for maximum power transmission
- Stab. Stringer = Carbon patch for more stability at hi-speed.
- Curved leading edge for flying quickly on the fin.
- Very sharp trailing edge* > Less drag and enhanced performance.
- Blocked twist for increasing the lift.
- Moderate flex to hi output.
- Made in France

Base Type:
Deep Tuttle

Size Options:
39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51, 53, 55, 57

The specificity of SELECT Hydrofoils is the molding with prepreg material. As a pioneer of prepreg carbon fins, SELECT is the only manufacturer to master this production method from the aviation industry. All our carbon fins are molded in metal molds with the best prepreg materials. The advantages of Select PREPREG MOULDED technology:
- The molding ensure a high-precision manufacturing and a constant production
- Thanks to the use of prepreg, we can put reinforcements in different materials and in different directions to get the twist and flex values we’re looking for.
- Thanks to the molding, the rigidity is controlled, whatever the length of the fin.