Atan Madisson 3mm Split Toe boot

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Closest to barefoot of any boot....ever. Titanium plush interior is comfortable in a broad range of temperatures.
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Atan Madisson - High Cut Split Toe - cold water booties
All natural latex sole, instep and tor box area in the split toe design provides unmatched barefoot feel. 3 mm Limestone Neoprene with plush titanium lining make for warmth in conditions down to air and water of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The fit and feel of these booties with Latex sole, instep and toe box, is so good they don't need a forefoot / instep strap.

"In 35 years selling windsurfing equipment these are the nicest high cut boots we have ever offered."
Isthmus owner - Gary Stone

SPLIT TOE booties – ideal for Surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.
Lime stone based Neoprene
3mm thick
"PLUSH TITANIUM" interior (Titanium forms a metallic film, that reflects heat).
Ultra-thin latex sole 100% natural, very good grip.
It is very comfortable and very warm!
Like all ATAN booties, it is ultra soft.
Incredible barefoot sensation: BAREFOOT SYSTEM

MANUFACTURED IN FRANCE since 1983. It is an artisanal and manual production, carried out with the greatest care and quality materials. The natural latex used is extraordinarily soft and resistant (700% elongation) . This allows it to better withstand cuts and perforations than any other rubber.

* To maintain and store your slippers for a long time, it is good to rinse them with fresh water then let them dry without turning them over. Hanging on a hanger to dryout is best.
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