Windsurfing Booms: Carbon

Windsurfing Booms: Carbon

Carbon windsurfing booms are the stiffest construction booms in the windsurfing industry. We offer carbon booms from RRD, Chinook, Maui Sails, Streamlined and Aeron. Carbon booms remain stiff for life and are preferred construction choice of advance to pro level windsurfers. All of our carbon boom offerings utilize Monocoque tube constructions. This maximizes stiffness to weight ratio and strength of the booms. They are available in grip diameters come in 24.5 mm- 32 mm options. Smaller diameters make grasping the boom easier, especially where small hands, cold water or glove use is common. Larger diameter boom grips are favored in booms over 200 cm starting lengths due to added stress applied by large sail use (over 8.5m2). Carbon boom lengths range from 130 - 230 cm lengths with 50-68cm of additional adjustment range.
  • RRD Dynamic Pro Boom

    Pre-Preg Carbon boom delivers the ultimate in Wave, Freeride & Race boom performance, stiffness, comfort and durability. 27mm grip in smaller sizes, 29mm grip in larger sizes.

    From: $699.00

  • Chinook Pro 1 Carbon

    Updated carbon boom with huge range, beautiful features and designed for performance! 28mm grip in most sizes, race sizes have 32mm grip.

    From: $767.00

  • 2018 North Platinum Boom

    100% prepreg T800 Sentex carbon construction makes this the carbon boom of choice for many of the top professional circuit riders. Grip sizes from 27.5 to 30mm small to large.

    From: $749.95

  • Streamlined HMX Carbon booms

    Josh Angulo true performance prepreg carbon booms with 27mm grip and RDM or SDM Front End options. Lightweight - stiff and Strong!

    From: $799.00

  • 2018 Streamlined Race-Line Performance Carbon

    New Race-Line Carbon model from Streamlined – Ideal for Freerace and Race sails. Super stiff and light weight.

    From: $1,470.00

  • 2018 Streamlined Lite Wind Carbon

    New Light-Wind Carbon model from Streamlined – Ideal for Freeride, Freerace and Race sails – super stiff and light.

    From: $1,310.00

  • 2018 Severne Enigma Carbon

    Severne's Top of the line performance carbon boom – Freemove and Slalom models. 27mm grip in freemove sizes, 29mm grip in slalom sizes.

    From: $849.00

  • Aeron Carbon Pre-Preg 230-290cm

    Final Closeout $799. Slalom / Race Carbon boom – stiff and strong pre-preg Carbon – designed for the demands of large sails. 30mm grip area.

    From: $799.00

  • RRD V Carbon V2

    $549 for 140-190cm. RRD Pre-Preg Carbon V2 delivers the Ultimate in boom performance, stiffness, comfort and durability. 27mm grip.

    From: $549.00