Aeron Carbon Slim Boom

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$729.00 - $749.00
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SAVE $50! Aeron Slim carbon booms have 24.5 mm grip, prepreg carbon monocoque design, for ultimate comfort and stiffness, New Stiffer Tail, improved boom Grip. Fits RDM mast only!
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Boom Category: Carbon Boom - RDG – 24.5 mm Slim grip

Aeron Slim Carbon RDG Carbon Boom Fits RDM mast only!- “Lightest – stiffest - Slim”
This small grip monocoque design features Formula-1 prepreg carbon construction with one of the smallest boom grip diameters in the market. The diameter is 24.5 mm and helps eliminate forearm fatigue. This boom targets riders that have small hands, seek an easier to grasp boom, or wear gloves or mitts when windsurfing. New boom grip material ensures the boom grips and boom markings will last and won't wear out prematurely. This super slim 24.5 mm grip is made made using the best prepreg carbon for unrivaled new levels of stiffness and performance. * New Improved square tail design increases the width through the tail to suit the modern wave sails. Rubber rear corner protection tabs have been added to all the carbon rear end to prevent wear and contract points with hard surfaces. *New improved Front end is lighter and stiffer and features and light weight and strong Aluminum handle that's very compact. **The front end is available with RDM only (140 & 150 sizes). This boom will impress the most demanding riders while providing an easy to grasp - small grip surface area.

Slim Features:
- Formula-1 Prepreg Carbon technology.
- Small 24.5 mm boom grip - RDG Catgory boom.
- RDM Only boom head - Fit RDM mast only! (This does't fit SDM masts).
- Boom Front End – that's lighter – Stiffer – stronger and more compact.
- Aluminum handle – is light and compact.
- New boom grip for added comfort, durability and non-wearing graphics
- Super stiff square tail design – for ultimate stiffness and easy of range adjustments.
- Harness line indicator: Markings on the top of the boom to help align the harness lines.
- Articulating Front Boom End with large bearing surface area and removable RDM shim.
- New simple and easy AL rear loop-n-go cleat system.
- Carbon tail protection: NEW rubber protection on all carbon tail ends.
- 50 cm adjustment range.
- Twin Pin adjustment clips.
- 140, 150 sizes.

RDM boom head Size Options:
140-190 = 4 lbs 7 oz
150-200 = 4 lbs 9 oz

Formula-1 prepreg carbon – maximize; stiffness, weight reduction, durability and performance.