CH53 53 - Chinook 2-Bolt Tendon- US



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Chinook 2-bolt US cup Tendon Base - New and Improved integrated machined caps and pin.
This new 2-bolt base features an improved upper US cup Tendon base. Chionook is setting a high standard for strength and durability with this new beautifully machined Stainless pin caps and integral lower pin spindle combo. Very compact design, delivering the best rig to board performance of any universals. The tendon base is the professional sailors choice.The Lower base plate features 2-bolt connection and a quick release sliding retaining clip. The base plate can be loosened for mast box placement / adjustments with the built-in allen head tool located in the lower pin on the upper 1/2 of base. Quick release retaining collar allows for easy removal of the upper UJ from the base plate. Base plates can be purchased separately and installed on each of your boards.

- Complete 2-bolt upper w/ lower base plate.
- 2-bolt Upper US tendon.
- 2-bolt lower base plate w/ T-nuts.
- New Cast Stainless Steal Cap, and cap spindle with built in hex wrench.
- Built in Allen wrench key - to attach and move base plate.
- Tendon UJ - for maximized performance / energy transfer.
- New refined US cup - cleaner and smoother for easier attachment.
- Chinook Quality and performance!
- Fits US cup style extensions.



Chinook 2-Bolt Tendon- US

New 2 bolt tendon base with Cast Stainless Steal Caps, and Cap Spindle lower with built in hex wrench and removable lower deck plate.
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